A Korean-born, NYC based jazz vocalist Seung-Hee

“Sketch Part I," a sweeping exercise that showcases the purity of a voice as haunting as it is arresting. The wordless adventure turns darker, almost threatening, on “Winter and Then," before returning to its unbridled whirls through the nine-minute "Sketch, Part II." Seung-Hee’s lyrical explorations prove even more imaginative. Fitting Korean lyrics to Charlie Haden’s “Bohm So Ri," she shapes a slow-meling, softly budding answer to ‘Winter and Then’ and, writing in English, beautifully pairs Bill Evans’ “An Elliptical Note" with gently undulating free verse."
- by Christopher Loudon [JAZZ TIMES, MARCH 2013]
"Brooklyn-based jazz vocalist Seung-Hee possesses the composure of a seasoned chanteuse while demonstrating broader qualities that contain refined arranging skills, classical training, and multilingual singing. The South Korean native represents a soulfully empathetic performer and a composer who's not afraid to take chances as witnessed in Sketches on the Sky".- by Mark F. Turner [ALL ABOUT JAZZ]
"Seung-Hee has a really classic approach – not 50s torch, but that really inventive period of the 70s, when female jazz vocalists were really breaking free – finding new ways to inflect their notes, and often adding their own words too – in ways that made the music even more expressive than before!" by [DUSTYGROOVE,COM]
"Her voice ricochets off the snapping bop beat like light bouncing off of a prism...has folk nuances, like gentle shades allowing sun to gleam through." by George Harris [ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Bay Area/Chicago]
"A unique voice' by Richard Dyer [BOSTON GLOBE]
"On the title track('Waiting'), where the singer's voice is a finely tuned instrument, singing a stunning wordless melody followed by verses in Korean, as her quintet performs sumptuous music..." by Mark F. Turner [ALL ABOUT JAZZ NY]